Miami Trace Local Schools

This new 147,000 square foot 900 student high school is being constructed adjacent the existing high school and will be incorporated into the District’s consolidated elementary and middle school campus. The high school will incorporate 21st century learning concepts as well as an 800 seat auditorium and 1800 seat gymnasium. Upon completion, the existing high school and attached stadium seating will be razed.


South-Western City Schools 2012-2017

This 16-building, project consisted of:

Phase I – Construction of four new Elementary Schools, one new High School, renovation of two Elementary Schools.

Phase II – Construction of five new Elementary Schools.

Phase III – Construction of four new Elementary Schools. In addition, construction services included asbestos remedation, demolition, and site restoration at 17 separate schools.


Worthington City Schools

Ruscilli has provided continuous Owner Agency services to Worthington City Schools since 2008.

This includes over 1000 collective construction assignments performed at eleven Elementary Schools, four Middle Schools, two High Schools, Alternative School, Education Center, Outdoor Education Building, Administration Building, and Transportation Center.

Responsibilities involve the planning, solicitation, execution, and closeout of ongoing facility maintenance projects, repairs, renovation, and new construction programs while collaborating with multiple design professionals, consulting engineers, building inspectors, school administrators, faculty, and students.

Canal Winchester Local Schools

1997 Bond Issue

This $16 million, multi-site undertaking consisted of the 92,000 square foot 1,000-student Indian Trail Elementary School as well as renovations and additions to the existing Middle School building.

2001 Bond Issue

This $17 million K-12 program included construction of the new 575-student Winchester Trail Elementary School plus a 44,400 square foot academic wing and cafeteria expansion to Canal Winchester High School. In addition, Ruscilli renovated 55,000 square feet of space at the existing Intermediate and Middle Schools.

2004 Bond Issue

This $35.5 million project includes construction of a new 921-student Middle School and a 49,244 square foot gymnasium/academic addition to the existing Winchester Trail Elementary School.

Continuous construction occurred throughout while classes were in session.

Pickerington Local Schools

Ruscilli was selected to manage the construction of Pickerington Local Schools $59 million capital improvements program. This project consisted of a new 86,000 square foot Elementary School and a connecting 193,000 square foot Elementary / Middle School.

“Ruscilli has worked directly with the district’s architects, Steed Hammond Paul, and the Ohio School Facilities Commission.  Ruscilli has reviewed project plans, established cost estimates, held progress meetings, attended Board of Education meetings as needed, and supervised early site work on one of the buildings.  The district has been very pleased with how they have worked in a positive and collaborative way with us.”

W. Vince Utterback, Treasurer

Marysville Exempted Village Schools

This multi-site multi-building assignment involved construction of the new $10,000,000, 65,000 square foot Creekview Elementary School, a $1,500,000 addition to Creekview Intermediate School, and $20,000,000, 130,000 square foot addition / renovation of Marysville High School including new entrance, auxiliary gymnasium, courtyard, site, parking and driveway improvements.

 Due to challenging logistics at the High School campus, a particular emphasis was placed on student and vehicular traffic management and safety including new driveway access, temporary exterior and interior walkways, and double-swing gates.

“I am impressed with the expertise offered by Ruscilli Construction Company.  Their commitment to our project assures quality facilities for our community, but most of all … wonderful schools for our kids!”

Larry Zimmerman, Superintendent – Marysville Exempted Village Schools

Indian Hill Exempted Village Schools

In collaboration with the District architect and community, a final $18,000,000 plan was developed which entailed one new 80,000 square foot K-8 school and renovation of the existing High School.  Ruscilli was subsequently selected to manage construction of these schools.

This $49,600,000 construction project consisted of a new 145,000 square-foot High School, new 103,000 square-foot Elementary School, and expansions and renovations to the existing Primary School and Middle School totaling 138,000 square-feet.  Additional parking, recreation areas, cafeteria facilities and a new 10,000 square-foot bus facility were also constructed.  Continuous construction occurred throughout while classes were in session.

“We are especially pleased that we completed this project ahead of schedule and under budget.  This project would not have been successful without the valuable contribution of Ruscilli.  Thank you for your significant contribution to the success of this project.”

David Quattrone, Indian Hill Board of Directors

Fairbanks City Schools

Ruscilli was awarded the Pre-Bond Issue Services contract for Fairbanks Local Schools’ facility planning initiative.  These services consisted of a facility assessment to renovate one existing 61,000 square foot High School and one existing 36,000 square foot Middle School, as well as master plan budgeting and program scheduling. “I was pleased at the service we received from Ruscilli.  When the project was completed, we rated Ruscilli Very Good-Excellent in several areas including scheduling, communication, problem solving, attention to detail, trade contractor management, quality and safety management.  Ruscilli was and continues to be an excellent resource as questions still arise on occasion.  Ruscilli is definitely a company I would use again in any future building projects.”

Robert J. Humble, Superintendent – Fairbanks Local Schools