Axium Plastics Projects

Axium Beech Road
Axium selected Ruscilli to construct its new 100,000 square foot precast and steel manufacturing facility. The new warehouse and manufacturing facility are both located on 7-acres in the beauty campus of New Albany, Ohio. Additionally, a 90,000 square foot expansion of the existing manufacturing facility to add significant warehouse space.

Axium L Brands
The new Axium facility is approximately 100,000sf and is used for warehouse/ storage and production needs. Located on an 8 acre site, the facility provides 11 truck docks and 12 trailer bed parking spots allowing for constant flow of incoming and outgoing products. The Southeast corner of the building includes a curtain wall employee and customer entry with decorative ACM and synthetic paneling. The Southwest entrance opens to a trucker lounge area including a bathroom and kitchen. Close to 60% of the facility will be used for storage of products. The key feature of the facility is the 25,000sd crane bay with 25 ton capacity. This area will provide two 100 foot busways for production equipment hook up. The crane can be used to reorganize /relocate production equipment based upon customer needs. The South end of the crane bay will include a pre-manufactured two story office and conference room structure. The story structure is located adjacent to the employee/customer entrance and will be used to welcome potential customers and for on-site managers.

Axium Mink Road
The latest addition to Axium is located on the corner of Mink Road and Innovation Campus Way. The property is approximately 26 acres. The building will be provide approximately 315,000sf of warehouse storage space. The back of the building includes 25 truck docks with 40 trailer bed parking spots. There are two entrance on the North side and one on the East side. Employee parking will be located at the North end of the property. Although the initial use for this facility is storage, the design will provide Axium with the ability to convert into manufacturing in the future if needed.


The Vertix Recycling project for Axium Plastics is a multi-phased, 350,000sf mmanufacturing and warehouse facility situated on 24 acres in New Albany. This technologically advanced facility is designed to take recycled waste, separate it, break it down, clean it, and produce raw material pellets for future manufacturing needs. This fast-track project is design-build and features an elevated observation area for corporate and educational tours of the unique recycling process.

During the design process, Ruscilli collaborated with Axium’s international equipment vendors as well as local subcontractors and experts to plan for hazardous materials, dust mitigation, wastewater mitigation, boilers/steam, and other recycling/pellet production related concerns. This led to the project being split into 3 construction phases. Phase 1 includes the office area, recycling production, bale/waste storage and some pellet production. Phase 2 includes a wastewater filtration plant, additional waste storage and additional pellet production. Phase 3 is still being planned for future expansion.

Unique challenges overcome during the construction process included reinforcing, sloping, and sealing the slab properly for the heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Sound dampening and conditioned sorting booths were late additions which were able to be incorporated in the phase 1 build. This green recycling facility is a large investment for Axium and will help them achieve a more sustainable supply chain in the future.

McGraw Hill Distribution Center

Ruscilli completed this 330,000 square foot distribution facility in only seven months. The building was constructed utilizing a pre-engineered metal building system with load bearing pre-cast concrete exterior walls, super flat floor and advanced conveyer systems.

THK Manufacturing of America

THK, a world leader in linear motion products, completed construction of its 283,000 square foot leading edge manufacturing expansion in Hebron, Ohio.  To expedite occupancy, this design-build project required a “fast-track” approach.  Constructed in 11 months, the THK facility houses 220,000 square feet of manufacturing, 42,000 square feet of office, and 21,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.

Ruscilli was named as Honda of America’s construction manager for its one million square foot automobile manufacturing plant expansion — the “EX” project. This automobile assembly plant expansion project comprised 1,170,000 square feet with a value of $371 million while “wrapping around” 1,000,000 square feet of existing production area.

Of this, 415,000 square feet of the new facility is dedicated to automobile painting production lines for both Honda Accords and Civics. This includes all system feed lines from the various paint component storage tanks and HVAC system used in the painting area to ensure that temperature and humidity are controlled within the guidelines required for proper paint adhesion to metal surfaces.

At the mid-point of the expansion, Ruscilli was also named Construction Manager for Honda’s $59 million, 170,000 square foot Plastics Injection Plant.

During this activity, the productions lines continued uninterrupted. Ruscilli also helped Honda revise existing production lines to accommodate assembly of Honda’s Civic, in addition to the previously produced Accord model.


This new 355,000 square foot distribution center consolidates four existing facilities into one centralized location in order to better serve the needs of its customers.

In addition to warehouse space, the new facility offers 24,000 square feet of office and a 5,000 square foot automobile testing laboratory. The building is composed of conventional structural steel, single ply roof and precast load bearing walls.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems designs and manufactures electronics for the automotive industry – including Honda of America Manufacturing.

Tosoh SMD


Ruscilli managed design and construction for both phases of this 218,000sf office and manufacturing headquarters located in Grove City, Ohio. The facility manufactures ultra-thin films used within the micro processing industry and is one of the first facilities
in the United States to use “Focused Factory” concepts in design and construction.

Tosoh makes sputtering targets and high-purity metals used in semi-conductor devices for computers and media storage, as well as tool coatings, portable computer display screens and advanced aircraft shielding. Ionized argon is aimed at the targets in a vacuum to strip off the metal and deposit it in ultrathin layers on a designated material within a thickness of 40 atoms.

Press Building and Manufacturing Addition

A 82,500sf addition to an existing manufacturing facility. Addition has a clear height of 45’ and includes an overhead crane, press and rolling mill pits.

Bio Science Addition

A one story steel frame addition to an existing manufacturing facility. The addition includes three clean rooms, process water system, mechanical mezzanine, and office space.

Greenville Technologies R&D Facility

The new 40,000 square foot Research and Development facility is located at 15055 Industrial Parkway, Marysville, Ohio. The facility will be home to quality assurance testing and design, sales, and purchasing operations.

Moriroku Technology North America is a world-class supplier of automotive parts, with advanced capabilities from product design to prototype to mass production.


The new Anomatic manufacturing facility is located in the Personal Care and Beauty Park in New Albany, Ohio. This fast-track, 80,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility features one new anodizing system, providing 250 million units of anodizing capacity. This new facility is home to the company’s Innovation and Technical Design Center.

Anomatic’s proprietary anodizing systems, long known for high volume output and industry leading quality and color consistency, feature new technologies designed to reduce energy dependence, potable water usage through enhanced rinse technologies and a new water purification system to recapture and reuse.

The company’s “Anomatic System” of continuous motion anodizing is best known for its large volume high quality anodized aluminum components serving the cosmetic, personal care, spirits, medical and pharmaceutical industries.