OSU Scott Laboratory

Ruscilli was selected by The Ohio State University to undertake this 240,000 sf project. During the multi-phase demolition of the existing Robinson Laboratory, new space for the Mechanical Engineering department was constructed. Because Robinson
Laboratory was occupied, Ruscilli coordinated the rerouting of all traffic and class locations on this “postage stamp” project.

The new building houses classrooms, instructional computing, research computing, instructional labs for nuclear engineering, gas dynamics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, experimental mechanics, metrology, manufacturing, tribology, vibrations, automotive research, nanotechnology, and heavy vibrations, departmental offices, meeting spaces and student services.

Axium Plastics Projects

Axium Beech Road
Axium selected Ruscilli to construct its new 100,000 square foot precast and steel manufacturing facility. The new warehouse and manufacturing facility are both located on 7-acres in the beauty campus of New Albany, Ohio. Additionally, a 90,000 square foot expansion of the existing manufacturing facility to add significant warehouse space.

Axium L Brands
The new Axium facility is approximately 100,000sf and is used for warehouse/ storage and production needs. Located on an 8 acre site, the facility provides 11 truck docks and 12 trailer bed parking spots allowing for constant flow of incoming and outgoing products. The Southeast corner of the building includes a curtain wall employee and customer entry with decorative ACM and synthetic paneling. The Southwest entrance opens to a trucker lounge area including a bathroom and kitchen. Close to 60% of the facility will be used for storage of products. The key feature of the facility is the 25,000sd crane bay with 25 ton capacity. This area will provide two 100 foot busways for production equipment hook up. The crane can be used to reorganize /relocate production equipment based upon customer needs. The South end of the crane bay will include a pre-manufactured two story office and conference room structure. The story structure is located adjacent to the employee/customer entrance and will be used to welcome potential customers and for on-site managers.

Axium Mink Road
The latest addition to Axium is located on the corner of Mink Road and Innovation Campus Way. The property is approximately 26 acres. The building will be provide approximately 315,000sf of warehouse storage space. The back of the building includes 25 truck docks with 40 trailer bed parking spots. There are two entrance on the North side and one on the East side. Employee parking will be located at the North end of the property. Although the initial use for this facility is storage, the design will provide Axium with the ability to convert into manufacturing in the future if needed.


The Vertix Recycling project for Axium Plastics is a multi-phased, 350,000sf mmanufacturing and warehouse facility situated on 24 acres in New Albany. This technologically advanced facility is designed to take recycled waste, separate it, break it down, clean it, and produce raw material pellets for future manufacturing needs. This fast-track project is design-build and features an elevated observation area for corporate and educational tours of the unique recycling process.

During the design process, Ruscilli collaborated with Axium’s international equipment vendors as well as local subcontractors and experts to plan for hazardous materials, dust mitigation, wastewater mitigation, boilers/steam, and other recycling/pellet production related concerns. This led to the project being split into 3 construction phases. Phase 1 includes the office area, recycling production, bale/waste storage and some pellet production. Phase 2 includes a wastewater filtration plant, additional waste storage and additional pellet production. Phase 3 is still being planned for future expansion.

Unique challenges overcome during the construction process included reinforcing, sloping, and sealing the slab properly for the heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Sound dampening and conditioned sorting booths were late additions which were able to be incorporated in the phase 1 build. This green recycling facility is a large investment for Axium and will help them achieve a more sustainable supply chain in the future.

OSU Advanced Materials Corridor

This undertaking involves the total renovation / replacement of the 50-year old Koffolt, Fontana and Macquigg Laboratory complex totaling 192,000 square feet. The new and renovated spaces include teaching laboratories, research laboratories, lecture halls, classrooms, offices, distance learning, and penthouse space. Because the site is juxtapositioned within the dense central core of the campus and enjoins adjacent buildings, a multi-phase enabling program is also included to support utility, MEP systems, and swing space needs to accommodate classroom operations during construction. Upon completion, the buildings will house the Departments of Materials Science & Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.


Product Technology Center

Ruscilli has been privileged to perform numerous construction assignments for Nestle’s Product Technology Center in Marysville, Ohio. This includes extensive process and laboratory installations, new entrance lobby and atrium, training rooms, pilot plant for beverage manufacturing, clean rooms, aseptic fillers, environmental chambers, RO water distribution, specialty piping and equipment for product experimentation and testing, executive offices, conference rooms, tele-presence theater, and site infrastructure.

Quality Assurance Center Laboratory Renovation

This challenging project involved the renovation and conversion of 17,000sf of existing space into chemistry laboratories, office and support areas. Scope included major demolition, slab removal, new foundations, steel, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, controls, specialty casework, fume hoods, and finishes. Extreme care was required to avoid impacting ongoing operations including construction of multiple safety segregation partitions to protect employees from dust and noise.

In order to maintain a controlled and tempered environment for operations, sophisticated HVAC systems were installed and closely monitored during construction.

Quality Assurance Center – Building Addition

This project consisted of a 32,000sf microbiological laboratory addition to Nestlé’s existing Quality Assurance Center in Dublin, Ohio. The new addition houses laboratories for serology, microbiology, weighing, media prep, and plating as well as autoclaves, incubators, and walk-in coolers used by chemists, microbiologists, food scientists, and quality specialists.

The ISO accredited laboratory facility provides specialized services to ensure Nestlé products are safe, satisfy all applicable regulatory guidelines, and meet the quality expectations of Nestlé

Ashland Chemical

This 107,000 square foot, five-story corporate headquarters expansion is connected to and compliments Ashland Chemical’s existing building by a grade level link and an elevated skywalk bridge link at the fourth floor. The building features a corporate resource center and extensive training areas connected with integrated voice/video/data technology.

This facility is located on Ashland’s main campus where their nationally renowned Research and Development laboratories perform polymer application testing.

OSU SciTech Microscopy Characterization Lab/Research Facility

Phase I – This new 20,000sf Microscopy Characterization Laboratory & Research Facility was developed for The Ohio State University Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This unique facility houses a number of sophisticated and highly sensitive microscopes for the Center for Electron Microscope and Analysis (CEMAS) including several Titan, OSIRIS, Technai, Spirit, ESEM, Quanta, Helios, Magellan, Sirion, and Nova microscopes. When construction was completed, the center underwent specialized testing to ensure the device specifications were met. Tests revealed that the facility performs equal to or better than the highest standards achieved by any electron microscopy facility in the world.

Phase II – The facility was subsequently expanded by converting 7,000sf of existing warehouse space to accommodate 65 additional seats in an open office environment, 4 private offices, 2 collaborations areas, lounges, new conference rooms, breakout rooms, restrooms, and kitchenette.

LabCorp (Roche Biomedical Laboratories)

Ruscilli built this 11,500 square foot headquarters and manufacturing addition for Consolidated (now Roche) Biomedical Laboratories, a diagnostic services testing facility. The facility was constructed to FDA specifications. Several years later, Ruscilli was again selected by Roche to construct its 57,000 square foot testing laboratory.

PharmaForce Inc.

Headquarters and R&D Facility

PharmaForce, Inc. selected Ruscilli to manage the construction of its $3M 20,000sf headquarters and Research & Development facility. This modern facility houses scientists who are developing new pharmaceutical drugs. In addition to the administrative offices, the building includes Analytical Wet Chemistry, Microbiology, and High Potency Compounding laboratories.

Sterile Manufacturing Facility

Produces sterile solutions and suspensions for optic, parenteral and ophthalmic products utilizing aseptic liquids and terminal sterilization processes. The building includes administrative and technical offices to support production and quality control operations.

The project included refurbishing and sterilizing an existing 39,000sf building to house 8,000sf of in-process office space, plus 31,000sf of manufacturing and support activities. The manufacturing area included 4,000sf of classified sterile core with Class 10,000 and Class 100 Clean Room Areas. The facility was designed to meet current regulations for process water production, aseptic filling, compounding, dispensing, sterilization, inspection, labeling, packaging and metrology.

New Albany Office/Lab

This campus-style corporate office, research and development and process manufacturing complex includes analytical wet chemistry, microbiology labs, and high potency compounding rooms to produce solutions and suspensions for parenteral and ophthalmic products utilizing aseptic liquids, lyophilization and terminal sterilization. The FDA-approved facility is supported with Class 10,000 and Class 100 clean rooms, R/O water purification, aseptic filling, compounding, dispensing, sterilization, inspection, labeling, packaging, and metrology. The facility also offers several green building and sustainable design features supporting ventilation, daylighting, landscaping and bio-swales.