Trade Contractor Qualification

Ruscilli is proud to work with qualified, experienced trade contractors.

Ruscilli Construction is pleased to announce its partnership with COMPASS, a secure web-based application designed to support our subcontractor prequalification process. COMPASS will streamline the process for our subcontractors and efficiently allow us to manage the prequalification process.

Ruscilli Construction will be receiving subcontractor data via the secure COMPASS platform eliminating the need for email and video calls that are not secure and prone to data breaches. When using COMPASS, your financial information is secured using the highest data security standards (SOC 2) and private by default until you choose to share it with a specific General Contractor.

If you are new to COMPASS and are only signing-up and prequalifying with Ruscilli Construction, there is no charge.  Should you choose, however, to leverage the COMPASS system allowing your company to prequalify with other GCs across the country, an annual charge would be applied.  If you are familiar with COMPASS and already registered and paid, there is no additional charge.  Whether you decide to prequalify just with Ruscilli or with other GCs, we believe that registering with COMPASS could provide tremendous benefit to your organization by providing a single platform to manage your prequalification requests. Some features of COMPASS are:

  • Access to an industry-accepted standardized qualification form (1Form)
  • Q Score and ranking to increase visibility to General Contractors
  • Compliance with the highest data security standards (SOC 2)
  • Inclusion on the COMPASS Select Lists for preferred subcontractors
  • Ability to securely share the 1Form with anyone

If you have not yet registered with COMPASS, please click the registration link below and “Create A New Account” to begin the prequalification process with Ruscilli Construction. If you are registered, please be sure to share your financial information with Ruscilli Construction so that we can complete your review or renewal.

COMPASS Registration Link

If you have questions about the COMPASS registration process or to learn more about COMPASS services and fees, please contact COMPASS at 1-800-689-6819 or email

For any questions about prequalifying with Ruscilli Construction, please contact:

Ruscilli Prequalification Department

Insurance Requirements

Please refer to the link below for the Insurance Limits and Endorsements you will be required to maintain if awarded a project. Ruscilli Minimum Insurance Requirements (PDF)