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Project Spotlight – Miami Trace Local Schools New High School

October 06, 2017

Lindsay Clymer

Categories: Project News

Much progress has been made on the new, 165,000 square foot Miami Trace High School. The new structure is being constructed on a nearly 60-acre piece of farmland to the east of the football stadium.

Over the past few months, contractors have been hard at work on the masonry walls that serve as the supportive backbone for the school.

On the ground floor of the main academic wing, crews have been busy installing heating and cooling duct-work, overhead electrical conduit and water piping.

Four large air-handling units have been placed in the second floor mechanical rooms; each of these units is as large as a school bus.

Concrete crews have poured the walls that will serve as the orchestra pit and stage in the new Auditorium. The crews will now focus on removing dirt to create the slope for the auditorium floor.

Roadway changes connecting the new school to the existing campus are almost complete. Crews reconfigured the main drive, as well as the middle school and bus garage parking lots.

The new High School is set to open January 2019.