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Ruscilli Construction – Holiday for Heroes

December 24, 2012

Lindsay Clymer

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Ruscilli Cares

Ruscilli Construction collected items for our annual Holiday for Heros drive in support of our troops during the holidays.  Below is a letter from Liz Stafford who organized the collection.  What a wonderful success!

This weekend, I was reminded how amazing you all are.  I packed up the boxes to ship items to soldiers overseas for Holiday for Heroes and I have to say, I think this was the best year we’ve had since we began this endeavor six years ago.  I tried something different this year and made up little bags of goodies so the guys can grab the bags when they go out on missions.  I attached some pictures so you can see how they turned out.  The bags included an assortment of goodies purchased with the money we raised through jeans Fridays in the office, our raffle and football pool.  We had candy bars, M&M bags, peanut butter crackers, protein bars, drink mixes (Crystal Light and Propel), combos, corn nuts, beef jerky, iTunes gift cards, and…what package from Columbus would be complete without some buckeyes?!  We sent the boxes to two different groups in Afghanistan, and I’m confident that they’ll bring a few smiles to the soldiers fighting for us during the holiday season.  As an Army wife, I can tell you that the support you all have shown for this great cause will not go unnoticed.  All in all, we raised over $1,100 through jeans Fridays in the office, the raffle and football pool, and we sent 227 goodie bags (six boxes full)!

Thank you to all who participated.  It’s so rewarding to know that our associates are caring and generous; your support for these soldiers will be truly appreciated.