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Ruscilli Construction Homeless Families Foundation & Dress for Success Clothing Drive

April 09, 2013

Lindsay Clymer

Categories: Community Involvement

Ruscilli Construction’s 2013 Homeless Families Foundation & Dress for Success Clothing drive was a great success!

In addition to the household and clothing items donated, we also raised a total of $650.00 to purchase items from their critical needs list as follows:
Homeless Families Foundation– We were able to purchase enough food to feed 5 families of four lunch & dinner for a week!  Add an infant to one of those families and we also purchased baby food, diapers & wipes for that week.   There were a total of 5 large boxes of donations of pots & pans, plates, dishes, drinking glasses, children’s cups, serving/cooking utensils, clothing, coats, pillows, sheets & comforters that will help those families, as well.  
Dress for Success We were able to help 7 struggling women with new toiletry items from shampoo, brush/comb, bobby pins, hairspray/gel, make-up bag with make-up and brushes, toothbrush, nail file, hand sanitizer, make-up remover, deodorant & razor.  We were also able to purchase scarves, pantyhose, nail polish, and earrings to help 2 women. 

These items purchased, combined with the clothing, shoes & purses donated, will help these women feel more confident as they return to the work force or when they go on an  interview.  

Dress for Success