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Ruscilli Volunteers at Greater Linden Annual Community Clean-up Event!

April 29, 2016

Lindsay Clymer

Categories: Community Involvement

Saturday, April 23rd a group of 7 volunteers from Ruscilli helped collect tires in the Greater Linden Area. We were able to collect a total of 94 tires! Thank you to the following for volunteering your time:

  • Tom Neidecker
  • Debbie Justi
  • Dale Weber
  • Bill McKee, his daughter Kristin and her boyfriend David Smith.

The Greater Linden Annual Community clean-up and tire round-up involves picking up litter at various spots around the Greater Linden neighborhood, with a focus on high-visibility areas or reported problem areas, along with volunteers (with trucks) who pick up abandoned tires throughout the neighborhood and bring them to a roll-off at a central location to be picked up later by Liberty Tire Recycling.

2016 Greater Linden Tire Roundup