Support Our Troops!

Ruscilli’s Community Involvement Committee recently completed a drive to collect ‘most needed items’ to be sent to our troops serving overseas!

We collected (1560) Slim Jim Sticks, (630) Packs of Fruit Snacks, (614) Packs of Crackers, (227) Razors, (117) Packs of Tuna w/crackers, (48) Deodorants, (29) Packs of peanuts, and (23) Hand Sanitizers!

We partnered with an organization called Operation Buckeye. Operation Buckeye was formed with the sole purpose of sending boxes to our troops as a way to thank them for their efforts and to bring a touch of home to them. The boxes sent contain food and snacks, personal hygiene items, reading materials, and good wishes of love and support.

Operation Buckeye provides caring civilians the opportunity to show their appreciation and respect to the men and women of our military stationed in hostile and remote regions of the world. To learn more, you can visit:



Trevor’s Wish to be a Construction Worker!

Ruscilli was so blessed to be a part of making a wish come true for a little boy named Trevor. Four-year-old Trevor has been battling medullablastoma for the last two years. His days have been filled with doctor’s appointments and trips to the hospital. However, Trevor doesn’t let this get in the way of doing what he loves most: playing ‘construction’ with his little brother Riley. Pretending to work on a construction site – just like his dad does – is a game that never gets old.

Trevor along with his parents, Nick and Sarah and little brother Riley made a visit to our Friendship Village of Dublin jobsite where the family had lunch with the FVD and Make-A-Wish team. Fully equipped and dressed for the part, Trevor and Riley were ‘put to work’ “driving” excavation equipment and laying brick and mortar to build a wall.

Thank you to Make-A-Wish for allowing Ruscilli to be a part of this very memorable day. A special thank you to Friendship Village of Dublin for allowing this event on their property, Mr. Excavator for lending excavating equipment along with an operator to assist during this event, RVM Construction for assisting with the brick laying, Jendco Safety for donating youth size apparel, Exit 121 for taking care of the logos, and of course to Ruscilli’s Project Team for assisting with this Wish and making this day possible.

Trevor and his family touched all of our hearts and we will never forget it!

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Ruscilli Volunteers at Greater Linden Annual Community Clean-up Event!

Saturday, April 23rd a group of 7 volunteers from Ruscilli helped collect tires in the Greater Linden Area. We were able to collect a total of 94 tires! Thank you to the following for volunteering your time:

  • Tom Neidecker
  • Debbie Justi
  • Dale Weber
  • Bill McKee, his daughter Kristin and her boyfriend David Smith.

The Greater Linden Annual Community clean-up and tire round-up involves picking up litter at various spots around the Greater Linden neighborhood, with a focus on high-visibility areas or reported problem areas, along with volunteers (with trucks) who pick up abandoned tires throughout the neighborhood and bring them to a roll-off at a central location to be picked up later by Liberty Tire Recycling.

2016 Greater Linden Tire Roundup