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Axium Packaging Projects

New Albany, OH

Axium Beech Road:
Axium selected Ruscilli to construct its new 100,000 square foot precast and steel manufacturing facility. The new warehouse and manufacturing facility are both located on 7-acres in the beauty campus of New Albany, Ohio. Additionally, a 90,000 square foot expansion of the existing manufacturing facility to add significant warehouse space.

Axium L Brands:
The new Axium facility is approximately 100,000sf and is used for warehouse/ storage and production needs. Located on an 8 acre site, the facility provides 11 truck docks and 12 trailer bed parking spots allowing for constant flow of incoming and outgoing products. The Southeast corner of the building includes a curtain wall employee and customer entry with decorative ACM and synthetic paneling. The Southwest entrance opens to a trucker lounge area including a bathroom and kitchen. Close to 60% of the facility will be used for storage of products. The key feature of the facility is the 25,000sd crane bay with 25 ton capacity. This area will provide two 100 foot busways for production equipment hook up. The crane can be used to reorganize /relocate production equipment based upon customer needs. The South end of the crane bay will include a pre-manufactured two story office and conference room structure. The story structure is located adjacent to the employee/customer entrance and will be used to welcome potential customers and for on-site managers.

Axium Mink Road:
The latest addition to Axium is located on the corner of Mink Road and Innovation Campus Way. The property is approximately 26 acres. The building will be provide approximately 315,000sf of warehouse storage space. The back of the building includes 25 truck docks with 40 trailer bed parking spots. There are two entrance on the North side and one on the East side. Employee parking will be located at the North end of the property. Although the initial use for this facility is storage, the design will provide Axium with the ability to convert into manufacturing in the future if needed.

Other Manufacturing/Distribution Projects