CMr Delivery

Construction management keeps projects on task and teams accountable.

Construction Management at-Risk (CMR) is a process that enables our clients to select their CM during early design. As your CM, we provide critical budget, cost and schedule input to optimize scope and delivery. In so doing, we collaborate as a team with your design professional to cultivate and assay the design.

Ruscilli subsequently offers our clients a guaranteed maximum price for the overall construction cost and manages all trade work. Since the design professional is hired separately from the CMR, the traditional client – design professional relationship is maintained.

Consider these advantages to our CMR approach:

  • Increased speed of delivery for projects
  • Strengthened coordination between the design professional and Construction Manager
  • Strong allegiance to the client, as the Construction Manager is hired by the client based on qualifications
  • Team collaboration creates synergies throughout the delivery process
  • Enhanced transparency since all costs and fees are in the open