Integrated Project Delivery

Ruscilli applies the principles of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) on all major assignments to ensure construction success.

By integrating people, systems, and business structures, we collaboratively harness the talents of all project participants to optimize results and deliver best value. In doing so, we reduce waste and maximize efficiency throughout design, fabrication, construction and closeout. This atmosphere of collaboration is largely based on team building – which is the foundation of Ruscilli’s IPD approach.

Our IPD process yields positive value propositions for the following project stakeholders:

  • Owner: Early and open knowledge-sharing streamlines communications and balances the many options necessary to meet an Owner’s business goals. IPD involvement strengthens the understanding of these goals and desired business outcomes, thus improving the team’s ability to control costs while achieving budget, schedule and quality objectives.
  • Construction Professional: The integrated delivery process fosters participation by the construction professional during design. This offers a platform for strong planning, cost effective materials counseling, design issue resolution, and proper construction sequencing. In so doing, we increase the likelihood that cost, schedule and quality goals are met or exceeded.
  • Design Professional: The IPD process enables the designer to directly benefit from the early contributions rendered by the constructors’ expertise and input during the critical design effort. This includes accurate estimates to inform program decisions, preconstruction solutions to design-related issues, and life cycle cost analyses to drive post-construction considerations. The result is improved quality and long-term financial performance.