Design Build

Maintain a single point of contact with a Design Build approach.

Ruscilli strongly advocates this approach, in which the General Contractor holds the Architect’s contract. The result is a single point of contact for the Owner since the General Contractor is responsible for both design and construction.

Design/build partnering is a method of doing business through a team effort that helps providers of services and recipients of those services to work together to achieve mutual goals. As the practice of construction partnering has become widespread, “Design Build” has demonstrated its effectiveness and cost-saving ability by providing:

  • A proactive approach in which disputes are minimized by obviating the need for alternative dispute resolutions
  • An atmosphere of cooperation in which a a collaborative effort enables projects to be completed within budget, as well as on/ahead of schedule


This atmosphere of cooperation is largely based on team building, which is the foundation of Ruscilli’s approach. Trust, open communication, and dedication to common goals are all significant components of this approach.

Systematic Approach

By taking advantage of our past success, Ruscilli is in a unique position to offer a systematic approach toward cost reduction without compromising function or sacrificing quality. Our approach leverages the following unique elements:

  • A Preconstruction Manager is assigned to assist in the design, price versions/options and work with the city
  • The Open-Book approach requires the owner to review all bids and approve all costs